Monday, December 19, 2011

Thai Shrimp and Coconut Soup

3 cups chicken or vegetable broth (organic)
1/2 onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
freshly ground black pepper
1/2 tsp grated lime rind
4 tsp lemongrass
2 inch piece of ginger root, fresh, peeled and finely sliced
1 can coconut milk
8 Tbsp nam pla (fish sauce)
3 tsp light brown sugar
6 Tbsp fresh lime juice
1 lb medium shrimp
1/2 lb or one large container shiitake or white mushrooms
salt to taste

1. Combine in large stock pot: broth, onion, garlic, black pepper, lemongrass, lime rid, and ginger root. Bring to boil, then reduce to simmer. Simmer until onions are nearly cooked, about 15 min.
2 While simmering, add coconut milk, nam pla, sugar, and lime juice. Stir well. Let flavors merge, about 10 min.
3. Now, here's your choice. You can either strain the soup or puree and discard the large spices. I pureed but I think next time I will just strain it, and perhaps add in a bit more nam pla and lemongrass.
4. Place liquid back over heat, and add mushrooms. Bring to low boil, simmer mushrooms in soup for 5 min.
5. Add shrimp to soup. Continue low boil for about 2 additional minutes. Season to taste

Caveat: tastes good garnished with green onions and red pepper flakes. Also I served with Thai-style tilapia and basmati rice. Also, fish sauce/nam pla is not always gluten/wheat free! Make sure to check your labels if this is part of your diet!

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