Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse: My Review

My goals for this journey: Overall, detoxing is important for the body. So obviously that is one of the main goals for me. I am also hoping to "reset" my cravings for unhealthy foods as my body re-aquires a taste for and craving for whole and healthy foods. I have not lost any of the baby weight that has been clinging to my body since my youngest was born 1 year ago, so a jump start for weight loss is a big big plus.

Caveats and things I learned along the way:
1. Yes, I peeled the mangoes, no I did not peel the lemons. I also did not peel the apples, but think it would better better to do so. These are not my expert opinions or necessarily what Dr Oz had in mind, but I wasn't sure so this is what I did.
2. Also, when you grocery shop, just recognize that the list is enough for the breakfast, lunch and dinner smoothies, but not necessarily the snack smoothie (which you can make whatever is your favorite or skip if you are not hungry.)
3. Prep before hand. Seriously. There's work here.
4. The smoothies always taste better cold. Some suggest freezing some of the ingredients
5. Don't take your vitamins on an empty stomach!! Unless you like to vomit.
6. To make the evening smoothie better, here's my cheat: I put the cayenne in a small cup with about half cup of smoothie and downed it like a shot.
7. Yes, lunch is awful. Without altering the recipe ingredients, I would say chop the celery super super fine and puree as much as you can before adding the other ingredients and then add about 1 c water for a better texture. A lot of people decrease the amount of celery and increase the pineapple. I did this (and a few other tweaks- see below) my last day. Definitely helped

Day 1
Cravings: I am craving MEAT!! As others have said, there is something satisfactory about chewing, so chewing would be nice, but it was not that big of a deal to me today. I just want meat! I guess my body needs the protein.
The smoothies: Breakfast smoothie was fine, Lunch not so hot. I did not detest it as some, but I also could not finish it in its entirety. Definitely my least favorite. Truth be told, I only could finish half, and will finish the rest for tomorrow's lunch. Some people prefer the breakfast, but the supper smoothie was my favorite.  However, I did follow someone's advice and put a small amount in a little cup, and mix the full dose of cayenne and downed it that way. Then drank the rest of the smoothie cayenne free, which was delicious. For my snack, I didn't have enough provisions for two of the suppers (which was my favorite) so I repeated the breakfast smoothie simply because that is what I had more groceries for.
How I feel: Overall, I feel pretty normal. Maybe a slight bit foggy and a teensy headache, but overall, I feel ok. Emotionally, I worry if I will make it three days, LOL. I had to make meals for the hubby and kids and that was hard. Cause I WANT MEAT!! However, I must say, I have not felt hungry at all.
Thoughts for tomorrow: I normally drink green tea without anything, so I think I will skip the stevia tomorrow, and just do the lemon. I also have read that others decreased the amount of celery and/or used a food processor the pureed the lunch smoothie better. Think I will try both tomorrow.

Day 2
Overall: Woke feeling fine, normal, no headache. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VITAMINS ON AN EMPTY STOMACHE :) Oops. I know this about myself. I just can't tolerate vitamins on an empty stomach and I took them before the smoothie. Got really nauseous and then really sick. Thankfully, that passed quickly. I drank the green tea stevia free.
The smoothies: Woke up looking forward to breakfast. Dreading lunch. Really wanted tasty food as I fix everyone else's meals and feed the little one. Confession: I took a bite of the pineapple as I was prepping. And I still want meat. For lunch, I used the left over of my lunch yesterday, but added about a half cup of water and another 1/2 c or so of pineapple and pureed it as much as my little machine would go. It was more palatable and I was able to get it all down. Did the cayenne in a cup with a bit of smoothie and then thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.  I did not have a snack smoothie.
How I feel: I took a nap in the afternoon, but I would have been fine without it. Still a bit foggy, but really feel pretty normal. Between breakfast and lunch was the first time I felt really  hungry.
Thoughts for tomorrow: Will stay stevia free with the tea, and won't take the vitamins until I have the smoothie. Thinking I will only make a half batch of lunch? Or add more water, more pineapple, and/or less celery? I am sure I will cheat and weigh myself. I am dying to know. I really don't notice much difference.

Day 3
Overall: Grumpy. Despite what most say about feeling amazing, I really don't notice any changes. Perhaps my normal cravings are curbed? Have lost 2.5lbs. Wish it were more, but at least it's something.
The smoothies: As always, breakfast and dinner were great. My attempt to make lunch better recipe: 2 celery stalks, 1/2 cucumber, 1 cup kale, 1/2 green apple, 1/2 lime, 1 Tbsp coconut oil, 1/2 c almond milk, 1 c water, 1 1/2 c or so pineapple. Hoping that does't change the overall effect too much. I was way to hungry to skip lunch and just couldn't bring myself to stomache the regular recipe.  This one was pretty good. Texture was DEFINITELY improved.
How I feel: Ready for completion. No outstanding changes.

Day 4
Cannot wait to eat REAL food!! To chew and taste. Although I am enjoying green tea as we speak and just made a breakfast smoothie ;) I feel the same. No great aha I am cleansed moment. Sorry folks. My overall weight loss was 3 lbs. I was hoping for much better (I have a lot to lose) But that is a start I suppose. Would I do this again- probably not. There are a number of detoxes that are smoothies for breakfast and lunch, and then food for supper. Thinking of doing Dr Hyman's 10 day!  Although I am also contemplating a juice fast. So we shall see :)

Moving on from here: I have been paleo for about 3 months now. I don't buy into the paleo model, but I do agree with some of the foods that they eliminate. I definitely feel better off of gluten and dairy. So, I am sure I will continue with gluten and dairy free. Strongly considering Dr Hyman's 10 day detox for weight loss. Look out for my review! Mostly, in our house, we eat lean meats or fish and veggies and fruit anyway. And I love nuts! I am really hoping this helped curb the cravings for refined sugar which I usually do not consume but crave anyway. Not so sure!! Good luck on your detox!

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